ARTAP Methodology

In the current climate your business needs the ability to change quickly and be responsive to market needs. We have seen a marked change in the way that businesses can conduct their day to day activities, which has led to a need for remote working and cloud based business solutions to ensure secure accessibility to data.

Hordle Helps can enable you to increase effectiveness and achieve business goals through our ARTAP methodology:

  1. ASSESS – Assessment of goals and business processes. Analyse gaps and where improvements can be made. An unbiased approach to assisting your organisation build a strategy towards changing for performance
  2. READINESS – How ready are your people for change? What strategies need to be put in place to ensure that your team can orientate through the change successfully.
  3. TRANSITION – Supporting your business through the change whether it is Vendor selection and implementation or business process change.
  4. ACCEPTANCE – Working with Executives, Management and Teams to ensure that the change is accepted within the business.
  5. PERFORMANCE – Ongoing innovation within the business to ensure that the business goals continue to be met and teams receive regular support and training.

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